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About Us

HeyGears - Who We Are

Reshaping the World Through Digitalized Production


HeyGears develops powerful 3D printing systems, specialized 3D printing materials, digital production tools, and complete workflows for a wide range of production scenarios. Our goal is to make turning ideas into reality a seamless and efficient process, so creators and makers can focus on their designs and get great final results.


HeyGears began life as a company in 2015 by focusing on the development of 3D printing technologies and techniques to support the batch production of uniquely customized consumer earphones. We built upon this experience and branched out into fields within the medical industry; creating comprehensive 3D printing solutions for dentistry, as well as orthotics and prosthetics. We are always looking at new ways to innovate industries through 3D printing and have utilized our technologies and expertise for cutting-edge projects within product development, car customization, aerodynamic optimizations for racing bicycles, wildlife care, and many others. Using our many years of experience developing 3D printing technologies and solutions across multiple industries, we now have launched our first professional 3D printing system available to consumers, the UltraCraft Reflex.

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Company: Guangzhou Heige Zhizao Information Technology Co., Ltd

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Address: 5-6F, Building B2, Technology Enterprise Accelerator, Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong