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Refund Policy

          If you need to return the product, please get in touch with customer service We will process your request within 1 business day. After receiving the returned products, we will refund you within 7 business days through the original payment method. Customer service will communicate with you about the return address. Please do not send the items back to the shipping address directly.

I. General Terms

  1. The following terms can only apply to products purchased from HeyGears online store ( or HeyGears authorized agents. If the buyer fails to provide valid proof of purchase, including invoice, receipt, and warranty card, or there are signs of tampering on the product nameplate, serial number, anti-tamper mark, etc., HeyGears may refuse to provide after-sales service.
  2. For product return, replacement, and repair, contact the direct seller first for after-sales service, or contact HeyGears customer service (+1 9496691759) for consultation. If the product is purchased through a contract and the terms of return, exchange, and repair are separately stipulated, the contract shall prevail. 
  3. If the service terms specified here conflict with local laws and regulations, local laws and regulations shall prevail.
  4. The buyer shall be responsible for the integrity of products during return transit. We suggest the buyer keep the original packaging for possible return.

Ⅱ. Refund and Exchange Policy

The following terms only apply to printers, washing units, and curing units. For other accessories and consumables, please refer to the warranty policy.

  • Product return is available within 14 calendar days after receiving, and exchange within 30 calendar days after receiving (The service validity period starts from the day after receiving. If the buyer purchases from an offline store, the time starts from the day after the date on the proof of purchase).
  • For products damaged due to logistics reasons or other non-human factors, the buyer can return or exchange the product within the specified time, and the logistics fee will be borne by HeyGears. The buyer needs to provide photos or videos proof of the problem and cause, or HeyGears may refuse to return or exchange the product.
  • For products with no quality issues, the buyer can return the goods within the specified time, and the logistics fee will be borne by the buyer. The returned product should be in good condition, with complete packaging and accessories, and no human damage.

Ⅲ. Additional Information

  1. HeyGears will inspect the returned goods. For products missing in quantity or have appearance or function damage caused by human factors, HeyGears will deduct the corresponding amount from the refund.
  2. For product returns, HeyGears will refund according to the original payment method.
  3. For product exchange, HeyGears will arrange the shipment of new products after receiving the returned products.

Ⅳ. Warranty Policy

Ⅴ. Warranty Coverage

  1. HeyGears provides free maintenance for product faults that meet the following conditions at the same time:
  • Product faults occur during the warranty period.
  • Product faults are caused by HeyGears hardware, software, resin material, and other non-human factors under normal operation.

      2. Depending on the following conditions, HeyGears can refuse to return or exchange the products, but may provide paid maintenance for defects outside the warranty period or not caused by product quality and logistics:

  • Product problems are caused by not following HeyGears instructions when operating or unauthorized disassembly of the equipment.
  • Product problems are caused by maintenance provided by unauthorized third parties.
  • Product problems are caused by uncontrollable external factors, including fire, flood, strong wind, lightning strikes, war, etc.
  • Product problems are caused by the use of non-HeyGears products (including third-party printing materials).
  • Product problems are caused by the use environment not meeting HeyGears’ requirements. 

Ⅵ. Additional Information

  1. If in need of repair, the buyer needs to send the equipment to the location designated by HeyGears (including direct-operated maintenance points and authorized maintenance points).
  2. For repairs within the scope of the warranty, the cost of logistics, spare parts, and maintenance will be borne by HeyGears. For repairs outside the scope of the warranty, the cost of logistics, spare parts, maintenance, and packaging will be borne by the buyer. 
  3. Equipment that has been repaired within the warranty period still enjoys the remaining warranty service.
  4. Spare parts replaced during repairs have a one-month warranty.
  5. The equipment warranty period is bound to the serial number. Regardless of whether the equipment changes hands, the warranty period bound to the equipment serial number shall prevail.