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UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10
UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10

UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10 ABS-like Resin

UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10 is a strong ABS-like material specifically designed for use with the UltraCraft Reflex 3D printer, using TrueUV for the best possible results. It is a high-performance material suitable for printing final products and functional parts, featuring long-term structural stability.

Product Highlights

  • Tough, Stable, Precise
  • Print Commercial Grade Final Products
  • Long-term Performance, and Structural Stability
  • Shape Your Ideas with Next Level Strength, Precision and Stability
  • Give You Ideas the Best Results with a Material Engineered to Exceed Expectations.
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UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10 ABS-like Resin

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